The 3 Biggest Risks to Your High-Potential Program

CHROs are placing a high priority on programs to nurture their rising stars – the high-achieving individuals who will drive the business forward. It only makes sense. High-potentials (HIPOs) exert 21 percent more effort than non-HIPOs and have a 75 percent chance of succeeding at roles that are critical to business performance and the future leadership pipeline.

Which initiatives have the most impact on developing and retaining these up-and-coming stars? Are the right individuals being selected? Are investments in HIPO programs producing the expected results and business value?

CEB researchers have been asking these questions since 2004. Working directly with CHROs and HR Directors, we’ve examined current practices in HIPO programs in more than 100 organizations worldwide. And we surveyed more than 20,000 HIPOs to get their perspectivesas well.


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